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To re-engage students in their learning and to support them to develop their skills to become positive, productive, members of society.


One student at a time in a community of learners.


Listening and Learning

One student at a time

SWCC offers an alternative approach to education for students who require something a little different. We are small by design, with 120 students in Bunbury and 54 students at our Busselton campus.

SWCC utilises the Big Picture learning design, which is based on the belief that the unique interests, needs and abilities of each student must be at the centre of their educational program.

A team based approach

Whilst at SWCC students are:

  • encouraged and helped to develop literacy, numeracy, communication and self-management skills
  • given opportunities to explore and develop their interests and VET certificates
  • supported by a team of social workers and other support staff to reach their full potential.

A strong focus on future pathways

At SWCC we provide students with:

  • targeted support in work-readiness skills and preparation
  • a Leaving to Learn coordinator
  • work placements, visits and extensive opportunities for work experience
  • opportunities to complete VET courses with the support of a dedicated VET Coordinator


At SWCC we believe education is everyone’s business.

Learning opportunities are everywhere, not just inside the classrooms. Research tells us we learn best when we’re personally motivated and have a passion for what we are doing.

Every student has the potential to reach for the stars, and at BRCC we understand this looks different for everyone.